Driving an EV is environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t require fuel which contributes to air pollution. You also save money because you don’t have to pay for gas. Compared to other cars, an EV also requires lower maintenance; however, you do need to get the right EV tires to ensure better and quieter performance on the road. Read this guide to help you choose the right EV tires.

Choose EV-Specific Tires

One of the biggest advantages you get when driving an EV is its near-silent operation. This is why it’s crucial to purchase electric car tires specifically made for this type of vehicle for noise reduction. If you don’t have the right set of tires, driving the EV will be noisy. You can avoid excessive road noise with the right electric vehicle tires equipped with rubber compounds and specialized tire tread patterns. 

Go for Low Rolling Resistance Tires

A lower rolling resistance tire for your electric car can better overcome the resistance and friction on the road. Excessive friction can drain the car’s battery faster but having low-rolling resistance tires helps you drive longer and reduce energy usage. It also helps you drive better in all weather conditions. 

Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommended Load Index

To get the right tires for electric vehicles, make sure you prioritize the EV tire load index. Remember, electric cars have extra weight because of the EV battery, which means they require special tires. The increased weight or load capacity means faster tire wear and longer braking distance. To avoid problems with your electric vehicle, we recommend prioritizing the load index of your EV tires. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation only for longer tire life and to achieve adequate braking distance.

Buy High-Performance Tires

Electric cars are known for their instant torque and rapid acceleration, putting increased stress on the tires. To ensure performance and reduce excessive wear, use EV-optimized tires only.

Choose an EV Tire Suitable for the Season

To have a better driving experience, buy tires that are suitable for the weather. Get winter tires when the temperature starts dropping. Some manufacturers such as Bridgestone may also offer high-performance all-season tires to help you drive in all road conditions. 

Consult With EV Tire Experts

Before purchasing new tires for your EV, it’s always better to consult with an expert first to ensure you purchase the right tire for a quieter and smoother ride. Getting energy-efficient EV tires can also extend the service life of your vehicle.

If you need new tires for your EV, please don’t hesitate to contact TreadNation. We guarantee the best driving experience when you purchase tires from us. Get in touch with us today.