SUV or trailer tires are engineered to be more versatile than your regular passenger car tire. They are built to carry heavy-duty loads, perform towing duties, and manage intense hauling needs. If your tires have no load-carrying capacity, you can be at great risk while on the road. This is why you must purchase trailer tires that can carry the weight of the trailer plus the additional load put inside it.

Tips for purchasing the best tires for heavier loads and larger trailers

Here are some of the critical factors to consider to ensure you choose the best trailer tires for your vehicle:

Load rating

Load ratings signify how much weight the tires can carry before becoming unstable. You must understand the limits of the tire to ensure durability and safety. In most cases, trailer tire load range is expressed with letters, but earlier, they were known as ‘ply ratings,’ a term still widely used today. For heavy-duty trailer tires, it’s recommended that you install at least 8-ply or 10-ply tires or load range D to F. Consider your towing requirements as you choose the load rating, and remember that high-quality means a comfortable ride.


The next important thing to consider is the size of the trailer tires. Make sure the type of tire you choose fits the trailer. Check for the numbers and letters on the trailers or SUVs to guide you in selecting the correct size. For example, 76R17/ST235. The ST means special trailer tires, while 235 signifies the weight in millimetres. 76 is the height, while R is the radial, 17. Be sure to check the tire manufacturer’s guide to understand these terms.


Another essential factor to consider is tire compatibility. Each tire has its manufacturer’s manual; if you can’t find it, consult TreadNation to get the necessary details. Check the tread depth, the sidewalls, and the tire size to make sure you choose the right trailer tire.


Overheated tires can result in an explosion. You must select tires with shallow grooves as they help improve fuel economy and keep the tires cool. The best trailer tires are those that dissipate heat. This is especially true if you drive at high speed or take long trips often.


When buying tires, make sure you buy those that can last long. Quality tires can last for a long time, even if you drive long distances once in a while. They can serve you even when driving off-road without tread wear, which is what you need to be safe on the road. So, to get the best tires for your SUV or trailer, check factors that indicate the tires’ longevity, such as shock absorption rate, tread design, and tread life, among others.

Type of trailer

There are different types of trailers, each with varying needs of tires. For example, there are boat trailers, utility trailers, horse trailers, and travel trailers. Be sure to let the tire experts understand what type of trailer you have so that they can recommend the best tires.
Other factors to consider when buying heavy load tires are speed rating, rolling resistance, and whether you need radial trailer tires or bias ply tires. For more information on the best trailer tires to purchase, please contact us at TreadNation, and one of our experts will guide you.