Rising fuel prices mean people are paying more attention to fuel economy and looking for ways to minimize their fuel consumption. One thing that often gets overlooked is tires. Overly worn tires or ones that aren’t properly inflated can consume more fuel than their newer counterparts, as well as offering a less comfortable ride.

How to Maximize Your Fuel Economy

If you’re looking to maximize your fuel economy, there are a few things you’ll need to pay attention to when it comes to your tires:

  1. Tire pressure
  2. Tread depth
  3. Tread pattern

Someone who drives off-road or in wet weather would need different tires than someone who drives only on well-maintained roads, in the dry. Whatever conditions you drive in, ensuring your tires are properly inflated to offer low rolling resistance, and that they have even treadwear is key for eco-friendly driving and maximizing your MPG.

You may not think something as simple as the pressure or tread on your tires can change how much fuel you burn, but lower rolling resistance means less work for the engine and a much more economical ride.

When Should You Change Your Tires?

One common mistake that people make is to try to make their tires last for as long as possible, hoping to save money. This is a false economy and can be dangerous too. Excessive tread wear can reduce the grip your tires have, which can increase braking distances and make it harder to control your car. Older tires with damage to the sidewall can be at an increased risk of blowing out too.

If you’re looking for fuel-efficient tires, you don’t have to choose a premium brand such as Bridgestone or Michelin, although these brands do tend to be hardwearing and reliable. Other tire manufacturers can offer good products too. The important thing is that you choose the right tires for the season and that you make sure all the tires you’re using have ample tread life left.

If you live somewhere that sees a lot of snow or rain, consider all-season tires or winter tires as appropriate. These have a different tread design that offers a better grip in challenging driving conditions, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions.

Rotate Your Tires To Make Them Last Longer

Rotating your tires can help extend the lifespan of slightly worn tires while ensuring you still get excellent traction on the roads and better fuel economy. At TreadNation, we offer a variety of choices of tires, which we sell at cost, and we offer free storage and free tire rotation too.

If you need new tires, choose TreadNation for a hassle-free experience. We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of different tire brands, and help you pick out the right set of tires for the weather conditions you do most of your driving in.

If you’re looking for reliable, fuel-efficient tire technology and top-quality customer service, call TreadNation today.