Anyone who has spent a winter in Ontario knows that snow is a given during the winter months in Canada. The cold weather doesn’t faze many native Canadians, but blizzards and winter driving can intimidate quite a few people who still have summer tires on their vehicles. Most people assume that winter tires work due to their tread pattern, but it might surprise you to learn that there is a lot more to winter tires than just their tread. This is why now is the time to look at buying a new set of winter tires if you haven’t yet.


More Than Just a Pretty Thread Design


The science behind winter tires actually starts with the rubber compound that makes them. While the tread design is easy to see, it’s the rubber compound that doesn’t freeze that makes all the difference when you are driving in poor winter conditions in Quebec, Ontario, or anywhere else in Ontario. The rubber is so soft that it allows the tire to stick to the road and warp around small protrusions leading to better traction on the pavement. Even black ice has small imperfections that soft winter tires can cling to, which is why they are so effective against the perils of icy roads, packed snow, and other poor road conditions when there are freezing temperatures.


Why Aren’t All-Season Tires Enough?


A common misconception among drivers who aren’t used to seasonal climates is that they can cut corners and get a better grip by opting for all-season tires. Unfortunately, all-season tires aren’t able to offer the same grip as winter tires. The stopping distance is dramatically shorter than cars equipped with winter tires, and every meter matters in an accident since speeds and collision rates often are linked to survival rates. While all-season tires are supposed to be designed to be used year-round, they will harden in cold temperatures which correctly creates a hydroplaning effect on ice. What you really need as an experienced driver in the cold, are soft tires with a deeper tread that offer clear and assured braking distances.


Get Ready for Poor Driving Conditions with Snow Tires


Don’t wait until ice conditions are here before putting on your winter tires. If you know that cold temperatures are on their way, bring your vehicle down to TreadNation to talk about your options. Don’t settle for less grip when a new set of tires is just a few hours away. We will check your tire pressure, chat about tire tread patterns, and even a little bit of hockey, and then send you on your way ready to meet the challenges of winter roads.