There isn’t a definitive answer for how long they should last when it comes to vehicle tires. We can say that a set of new tires will last about 96,000km, depending on the tire manufacturer. But, of course, it isn’t that simple. Driving that many kilometres on well-kept paved roads is a lot different than driving on more torturous road conditions, such as off-road.

What impacts how long tires last?

One of the most significant factors determining how long your tires will last is your driving habits and driving style. It comes down to how fast your treadwear goes, affecting the tread depth on your car tires. In addition to your driving style, driving conditions can shorten a tire’s tread life. If you live in Canada, the chances are you need different sets of tires for different seasons, as all-season tires won’t suffice unless you live in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Winter weather patterns take a toll on Canadian roads and create massive potholes on the highways and roads. To help preserve the integrity of your tires and rims, avoid driving over potholes.

What you can do to increase the tire’s lifespan

Begin by getting the right tires for your vehicle. If you are unsure which tires will work for you, visit TreadNation to see a local tire shop close to you where an expert can help you. Part of having the right tires is knowing when to switch from your winter tires to your summer tires and vice versa. Once you know you have the right tires do regular tire maintenance, including checking the tire tread and scheduling tire rotations. Know how to check the tire pressure and make a habit of doing so every few weeks. The way you drive has a significant impact on tire wear, so pay attention. For example, don’t drive over curbs which can damage your tire and need tire replacements.

Finding the perfect tire

The types of tires available seem to be endless, that’s why we recommend talking to an expert at TreadNation. Find a tire with an excellent treadwear rating and warranty. Whether you want a high-performance tire, off-road tire, or all-season tire, TreadNation carries some top tire manufacturers, such as Michelin, Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, and more. Stop by a local FFUN dealership or visit us online.