How to Properly Store Tires

Living in Canada requires two sets of tires, winter tires and summer tires, unless you live in the lower mainland of British Columbia, which in that case, you can usually get away with a set of all-season tires. Having two sets of tires will require you to store tires when they are in the off-season. Storing tires isn’t challenging, but to preserve your tires’ lifespan, there are a few storage tips to follow.

Clean Tires

As you drive on your tires, they will naturally collect debris, dirt, road grime, and brake dust. Before packing your extra set of tires away, give them a good clean. There is no need to use fancy cleaning products; soap, water, and a good tire brush will suffice. After you’ve given your tires and rims a good clean, be sure to dry them completely.

Make Note

Before placing your tires into tire storage, note the position of each tire on your vehicle and mark with lettering. At the same time as you do this, check for any damage or wear and tear and be sure to fix any punctures before packing them away.

Where to Store Tires

Before cleaning your tires, ensure you have an excellent place to store them. Ideally, they should be stored in a cool, dry, indoor environment away from direct sunlight. You will want to place them on a clean surface, ideally off the ground. A tire rack would be the best option. If you don’t have adequate storage for your tires, visit TreadNation to have your tires stored.https://www.treadnation.ca/contact/

How to Store Tires

To best protect your tires and the tire compounds over long periods of time, your best option is to place each tire in an airtight plastic bag. Extreme cold weather and extremely hot temperatures can cause your tires to wear quicker, so find a moderate temperature area. Always cover your tires with a waterproof covering. If you have unmounted tires, don’t stack them on the sides, stand them upright beside each other. On the other hand, if your tires are on rims, it’s best to stack them on the sides.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of storing tires, talk to the tire professionals, and we’ll get you sorted.