In Canada, one important decision when buying winter tires is choosing ones with or without rims. Both options have advantages and considerations, so weighing the factors before deciding is crucial. We’ll identify the benefits and concerns and provide insights into the purchase.

Benefits of Buying Winter Tires with Rims

Buying snow tires with winter rims has the following advantages:

Ease of Installation

Purchasing a complete set of winter tires provides the convenience of having a complete set of wheels ready for installation. This means you can easily switch between your summer and winter tires without needing tire mounting and balancing each time. The tire shop can quickly swap the entire wheel assembly, saving time and effort.

Tire Protection

Having winter tires mounted on their rims offers better protection for your tires. When tires are frequently mounted and dismounted, the sidewalls can be damaged, reducing performance and longevity. A dedicated second set of rims can minimize the chances of tire damage during the tire change process.

Customization Options

Purchasing complete winter wheels allows you to choose from a wide range of rim options, including alloy and steel rims. Alloys offer a stylish and often lighter alternative, improving aesthetics and traction. Steel is more cost-effective and can withstand harsh winter conditions without corrosion concerns.

Benefits of Buying Winter Tires Without Rims

Purchasing new tires without rims offers the following advantages:

Cost Savings

Opting for incomplete winter wheels can be a more affordable option upfront. If you already have a set of rims compatible with the new tires, buying the tires alone can save you money.

Storage Flexibility

Buying winter tires without rims can benefit those with limited storage space. Tires occupy a lot of space, and having an extra set of rims adds to the storage requirements. By purchasing tires without rims, you can store them more efficiently, maximizing the available space in your garage.

TreadNation Program: Additional Benefits for Canadian Drivers

The TreadNation program offers several advantages to Canadian drivers, making it a compelling option for purchasing winter tires.

Buy Tires at Cost

Through the TreadNation program, customers can purchase the best winter tires at cost, ensuring competitive pricing and potential cost savings on new tires. This allows you to obtain high-quality steel and alloy wheels without breaking the bank.

Tire Storage

Another significant benefit of the TreadNation program is the provision of tire storage. Due to limited space, Canadian drivers often face challenges storing their off-season tires during cold weather. TreadNation offers secure and convenient tire storage facilities, allowing you to free up space in your garage and ensuring your tires are properly stored and maintained.

Free Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation is essential for maintaining optimal tire performance and extending lifespan. As part of the TreadNation program, customers receive free tire rotation services. This ensures that your tread patterns wear evenly, providing better traction and handling throughout winter weather.

Before making a tire purchase, it’s crucial to consider the cost and convenience of different tires. By making an informed decision and taking advantage of programs like TreadNation, you can ensure safer and more enjoyable winter driving experiences in Canada. Enjoy the convenience of tire purchase at TreadNation.