Across Canada, winter conditions can last for nearly half the year, making winter tires a necessity for travellers. It is important for motorists from Saskatchewan or travelling through the province to understand the rules and regulations surrounding their use in the province, both for safety and to comply with the law. Below, you’ll find a summary of laws in Saskatchewan as well as information regarding winter tire usage.

What Is a Winter Tire?

According to the Highway Safety Code, winter tires, or snow tires, only include those with the three-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol, the “M” and “S” symbols, or studded tires. These tires should also have at least 3.5 mm of tread depth. Generally, it is recommended to use such tires whenever the average temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius.

Winter Tire Safety

For motorists to ensure optimal safety during winter driving, official winter tires designated by the Highway Safety Code should be used. Further protections, such as studs and tire chains, can help increase traction when there are icy roads, slush, or other winter weather conditions. Motorists should also keep tires inflated, as tires lose pressure at rates of 1 lb/sq. inch for every drop of 5 degrees Celsius. Lower tire pressure increases the chance of hydroplaning and slipping in winter conditions.

Saskatchewan Winter Tire Laws

Saskatchewan has no regulations regarding the use of winter tires, even during peak winter months. However, wintry conditions typically affect the province for nearly 5 months every year, from November to March, so it is highly recommended that motorists use winter tires during these months. Furthermore, Saskatchewan has no restrictions regarding the use of studded tires, so motorists can use them year-round if they desire.

While there may not be any requirement for motorists to use winter tires, it is highly recommended that they do so for safety. Additionally, some insurance companies may offer discounts when winter tires are used during certain months, making them all the more beneficial to motorists.

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