As winter approaches, it’s time to either equip your car with winter tires or prepare to do so. While storing these bulky wheels can be challenging, it’s equally important to realize that improper storage of your summer tires during the icy months can significantly reduce their lifespan. Failing to store your summer tires appropriately can lead to premature wear and tear, impacting their longevity. Hence, storing them correctly is crucial to ensure optimal performance and durability in the long run.


Are you storing multiple sets of tires? Here are valuable tips to keep them correctly to ensure their longevity. Adhering to these suggestions can help extend the life of your tires.


Clean Them


Cleaning tires before storage is essential to prevent damage. Utilizing a mix of detergent, water, and a sturdy tire brush eliminates dirt and grime. This process removes any debris accumulating on tires, safeguarding them during storage. Regular cleaning maintains the tires’ appearance and extends their lifespan. It also ensures the tires remain in optimal condition for future use.


Store Tires in a Cool and Dry Place


Store your tires indoors in a cool, shaded area, away from direct sunlight. Keeping them in a low-humidity environment is crucial, as moisture can lead to precipitation on the tires. To preserve their quality, ensure the tires remain dry during storage. A dry basement is a suitable temporary option for tire storage when not in active use. Although garages and sheds may seem convenient, they tend to undergo significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity, which can harm the condition of the stored tires. In addition, the storage space should be free from items such as solvents and gasoline.


Protect White Rubber


If your tires have white walls or white lettering, and you have chosen not to use tire bags for storage, it’s a good idea to arrange them with the white parts facing each other and the black parts touching each other. The white side is coated with a special non-staining black rubber layer to prevent the transfer of oils from the black side to the white areas, which could lead to discoloration. On the other hand, the black sidewall uses regular rubber. Therefore, store black-to-black and white-to-white tires to prevent unsightly marks from forming.


Hang, Stack, or Stand


You can stack, stand, or hang your tires on hooks during storage. Standing position places less strain on the tires. If you wish to stack, aim to keep the stack’s height to a minimum to prevent tipping and potential tire damage. Stacking is a suitable approach for tires already mounted on rims. Another excellent alternative for tires with rims is suspending them from tire racks or hooks.


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