There is no doubt that the future of tires is almost here. The truth is that these new technologies in the automotive industry are not yet available to consumers because they are undergoing a series of tests and daily technological advancements. Tire manufacturers like Michelin and Bridgestone want the general public to expect durability, better fuel efficiency, better tire performance, less waste, etc. 

With that said, here are some of the new technologies in tire production that will soon enough conquer the world one mile at a time. 

Zero-Change of Flat Tires

Imagine being stranded on the road for hours in your passenger car due to a damaged tire. This is already a nightmare for many drivers and road users. Therefore, many tire producers have dedicated their time and resources to manufacture puncture-resistant, cost-effective tires. For example, Pirelli has designs of airless tires, including special self-sealing models and run-flat tires. 

Tires for Charging Electric Vehicles

Goodyear, an American tire and rubber company, recently showed their capability to manufacture tire models that generate electric energy for electric vehicles. Besides these tires being good for environmental sustainability, they eliminate the worry of your battery running out—all thanks to their tread patterns that transform the heat build-up into electric energy. 

3D Printed Tires 

When we think of new tires, many final consumers probably wouldn’t have 3D-printed tires crossed their minds. But Michelin has done it again. The French multinational tire manufacturing firm has brought 3D printing into the tire industry. The company’s Vision Concept tires will feature an interesting coral-inspired design printed with natural rubber and other bio-sourced raw materials. 

The Oxygene Concept

Goodyear is at it again and is working on improving their 2018 Oxygene concept. Typically, the company has incorporated living moss to grow in the tire’s open sidewall structure. This is one of the most eco-friendly tires as it lowers air pollution by creating oxygen through its open tread design that collects moisture for the moss. 

Tires and Artificial Intelligence 

Through their Eagle 360 Urban, Goodyear has shown other tire companies and the rest of the world that vehicles can also drive themselves (without human drivers). And as its name suggests, this prototype is a 3D-printed sphere that depends on artificial intelligence for control and navigation. 

Rubber Replacement 

Did you know that rubber plants take approximately seven years to manufacture the raw materials required in tire production? And since recycling these by-products has been challenging, tire manufacturers are now inventing new ways of manufacturing eco-friendly tires to replace most of the rubber used in today’s tires. 

Above is just the tip of the iceberg of the innovations you can expect in the future of the tire supply chain. With such advancements in tire technology, tire companies are beginning to realize the need to offer real-time solutions, from preventing tire wear to developing better tire designs and using sustainable materials to create smart tires. This way, they can stay relevant in the tire industry. 

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