Choosing winter tires can seem overwhelming if you have never had to handle the task on your own before. While most Canadians know that all-season tires aren’t enough to make it through the tough winters, they don’t know which snow tires are. Major brands like Michelin, Continental, and Bridgestone Blizzak all offer great winter tires, but there is no top choice for every vehicle. There are a lot of different variables involved in choosing winter tires, which is why you need to understand what a good winter tire rating means.

Best Snow Tire Speed Rating 

The rating most people know best is the tire speed rating because you will see this in both winter tires and summer tires. It is listed along the sidewall and indicates the speeds a trie is capable of reaching over time. While most of the time a driver will never reach the maximum tire speed rating on Canada’s road, a higher rating means better control and handling regardless of road conditions. Most snow tires are rated at Q which is approximately 160km/h.

Most people will find that is suitable for them. Keep in mind that winter H-rated tires may look more appealing, but this only indicates how responsive they are when driving conditions are good. If the snow gets too deep, the tread design won’t be able to bite into the snow. For this reason, Q, R, T, and S-rated tires are the most popular.

Will My All-Terrain Tires Work?

While all-terrain or all-season tires are heavily marketed, in most cases the tread pattern on these tires is not enough to prevent hydroplaning in slush or to lock down in the snow. When there is icy road or ice zero temperatures, you need something more. Anyone who lives in Quebec or other Northern Canadian provinces knows all-terrain tires just aren’t going to pass the tire test. Investing in winter tires is the best decision you can make for the safety of your family.

How Do I Choose the Best Winter Tires?

The winter tire rating is not the only thing you need to consider when you choose winter tires. You need to consider the tire size of your SUV or sedan, and also the wheel drive of your vehicle. Your rims and whether you need studded tires or studless should also be considered. For help talking about the best winter tires for your car, come talk to any of our agents at TreadNation. Our team will be happy to go over the FAQs with you and make sure your family is safe in all winter conditions.