With the winter months well underway across most of Canada, many motorists are now starting to change into their winter tires, and for good cause. These tires are specifically designed to help vehicles better navigate dangerous winter conditions, such as packed snow and ice. Most of these tires are normal tires with different tread designs, but there are a couple types of winter tires that suit different road conditions. Read on to discover when you’ll need winter tires and what type fits your needs.


Types of Winter Tires


Seasonal tires are usually appropriate for most of the year, but when winter comes, you’ll need to switch to snow tires. The tread pattern on these tires is much different than that on summer tires, allowing them to more easily grip snow and ice and avoid slipping. Additionally, the tread rubber on these tires is more flexible. This can lead to a lower likelihood of slipping due to low traction.


Winter tires come in a couple of varieties: studded and non-studded tires. Studded tires have, as the name suggests, studs along the surface of the tire. These are best used on icy roads when lots of snow is present. Non-studded tires are another form of snow tire, featuring more tread depth. Either of these tires is a better choice than your summer tires. These can become stiff and inflexible in cold temperatures, leading to decreased traction and a limited ability to accelerate.


When To Use Winter Tires


You should change to winter tires when temperatures average below 7 degrees Celsius. Unlike other parts of Canada, Saskatchewan does not have any mandatory regulations for when winter tires must be brought out. However, it is recommended to use winter tires from December to March on average, as this is when cold weather and snowy conditions can begin to set in.


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