Winter tires are a must-have for every driver in Canada. They provide better traction on snow
and ice, which is why they’re so important to drivers who live in cold climates. If you don’t want
your car’s performance to be affected by cold weather conditions, then it’s time that you get
yourself some new winter tires.

Differences between winter tires and all-season tires

1) The tread pattern: All-season tires usually come with deep grooves designed to provide
traction when it’s wet, but they are not as good on snow. This means that they don’t grip well in
icy conditions. On the other hand, winter tires have deeper grooves than their summer
counterparts, making them more effective at gripping ice and snow.

2) Traction: As mentioned above, all-season tires work best when it’s dry because they’re
designed to give maximum traction. However, these tires tend to lose traction quickly during
snowy weather due to poor contact with the road surface. In contrast, winter tires maintain better
traction even under adverse weather conditions by providing greater friction between tire and

3) Grip: Winter tires hold onto the road better than all season- especially when the temperature
drops below 7 degrees Celsius. The rubber compounds in winter tires react differently in cold
weather and do not harden as all-seasons do. Because of this, winter tires can grip the road better
in the cold.

Benefits of using winter tires for your car

Winter tires are a must-have accessory for anyone who drives in cold climates. They can make
your life easier and safer, saving you both time and money. Here are some reasons why you
should invest in winter tires:

• Safety: Driving in bad weather conditions requires extra caution. Snowy roads often mean
slippery surfaces, which could cause accidents. The most obvious benefit of having winter tires
is that they help keep you safe by improving traction and reducing skidding. Over 81% of
Canadians who use winter tires say that they have prevented them from getting in an accident!

 • Fuel consumption: Gas mileage decreases in cold temperatures, which can rack up your
monthly gas expenses. Winter tires increase traction, handling, and maneuverability on wet
roads, reducing the workload of the engine when compared to all-seasons. This helps to conserve
fuel and increase gas mileage, saving you money all winter.

 • Cost: While winter tires can seem like a large investment up front, with proper care, storage,
and maintenance they will last you several years. Plus, using winter tires will take some of the
wear and tear off your all-season tires so they’ll last longer.

Winter tires are essential accessories for any driver. However, many drivers don’t realize their
benefits until they experience problems during the winter. At TreadNation, we have an extensive
range of winter tires that will suit any vehicle, from small hatchbacks to large SUVs. We also
offer fitting services and storage for your summer tires. There is no need to worry about having
to clear space in the garage to store your own tires this year!

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