Having a good set of winter tires is one of the best decisions a Canadian can make. Winter tires are designed to offer better traction in cold and harsh weather than all-season tires. However, seasons change, and when winter is over, they need to go into tire storage. This article will give you the best tips for storing winter tires in Canada.

Clean The Tires

Before storing tires, it’s essential to ensure the tires are free of any grime, brake dust, or any type of dust. Use a tire brush, detergent, and some water to wash them. Clean the rims too if you’re planning to store them with the tires. This will help remove a whole season’s worth of dirt.

Use Storage Bags

Use large, airtight plastic bags to fit each tire, preferably a leaf bag. You should make sure the bag is free of moisture and air. You can do this by using a vacuum cleaner. The airtight bags reduce the evaporation of oils in the rubber compounds, increasing the tire’s lifespan.

Keep Them Away from Direct Sunlight

UV rays cause the rubber compound in the tires to dry, resulting in the hardening of the tires. As a result, this makes the sidewalls crack. This may cause the tires to blow when driving in the winter.

Avoid Chemicals

One of the most important chemicals to avoid is ozone. It is particularly damaging as it causes surface cracks, which may lead to critical failure under load. Ozone is generated by electric motors that use contact brushes. Examples of these are Generators, furnaces, compressors, and sump pumps. You should also ensure the storage area is free from lubricants, solvents, and fuels.

Stack, Hang, or Stand?

The best option when storing tires is to stand them, as it results in minimal stress on the tires. When storing tires mounted on rims, it’s best to stack them. You could also hang them on hooks. Hanging unmounted tires may cause damage.

Choose a Better Storage Location

Tires should never be stored in the open. Store them in a cool, dry, and properly ventilated area. Also, do not store in an area with direct sunlight. If there is a heat source in the storage space, ensure the tires are shielded from it. This will help increase the tire’s lifespan past its warranty.

Rotate The Tires

Another aspect of tire care is that if you decide to stack the tires in the storage space, ensure you rotate them every few weeks. This will prevent the bottom tires from bearing all the weight, thus preventing damage.

Ensuring you store your winter tires in the best condition during the off-season ensures you increase their lifespan. This, as a result, helps you get more use from them. If you’re in Ontario, Canada, visit TreadNation to get your set of new winter tires. If you have no place to put your tires, we also offer storage services. They are experts with extensive knowledge and experience in tires. Visit treadnation.ca for more information.